Being Amy is a dramatic comedy set in Montreal, Canada. This is the story of Amy, a young 27-year-old bookseller who dreams of being a writer. However, her passion is held back by a sly evil which strikes her regularly; her panic attacks. At a party, she will meet a Belgian expat who will change her life.
Her love story becomes her inspiration and her anxiety plaster. A series of disastrous events will cause Amy to sink into despair. Thanks to her family and her best friends, she will take back the reins of her life, to finally achieve her dream.

Our actors

Their backgrounds are available in French, by clicking on their photo.

Mélanie Chouinard


Bruno Piccolo


Jeanne Giornet-Lavigne


Thomas Duret


Diane Lavallée


Jean-Pierre Bergeron


Gary Boudreault


Hugo B. Lefort


Our Team

Evelyne Girard

Writer & Director

10 years of experience in TV and movies.
Mathieu Landry


20 years of experience as a DOP.
Don G. Gagnon


6 years of experience as a Producer and an Entrepreneur, 8 years as a manager.

Why Invest?

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First: Films have the possibility of getting 100 to 800% of ROI.

Second: We are giving you a SURE return of 5%, after the first year and 5% of net profits

Third: You can participate into the creation of a large movie production.


The audience wanted for this film is mainly women, aged 25 to 45 years

Sylvie, who-love-crying-watching-a-movie

35-year-old woman, love comedies and dramas, Like intelligent movies and beautiful characters, Personal income of $ 30,000 / year, Single or in a relationship.

Julie, the mother of two children 

30-year-old woman, Like the comedies, dramas, thrillers,  children’s films and action, Must choose its activities, as lack of time, Family income of $ 70,000 / year, Family with two children.

We are looking for 300,000.00 $ Are you ready to jump into the adventure?

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