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Being Amy is a dramatic comedy, which tells the story of Amy, a young bookseller of 27, who dreams of being a writer. However, her passion is hampered by an insidious evil that comes regularly hit; her panic attacks. At a party, she will meet a Belgian who will change her life. 

Her love story becomes her inspiration and cover against anxiety. A series of disastrous events, take Amy to sink into despair. With her family and her best friends, she will take the reins of her life, to finally reach her dream.


Our Great Talents

These are some of the Great Talents we’ve got so far!



Mélanie Chouinard



Bruno Piccolo



Jean-Pierre Bergeron



Gary Boudreault



Jeanne Giornet-Lavigne



Thomas Duret



Hugo B. Lefort



Myriam Kessiby



Our Awesome Team




CEO & Producer

Producer and president of the company Lucidius Studios, he’s a project coordinator, passionate about film and television, and has produced and directed several short films, promotional videos and corporate. He has 6 years of experience.





Director and screenwriter formed in television and film, she has made two short documentaries and several promotional and corporate videos. She has 10 years of experience, especially in television.





Director of photography and cameraman, he has directed several feature films, documentaries and TV shows for 20 years. He worked on several known projects, Marika, on Tou.TV, School Crime on Addik TV, Please do not send flowers, on CBC – Radio-Canada, to name a few. Mr. Landry has worked on dozens of commercials.



Market Analysis

In our proposition, we’ve targeted women between 25 and 45 years old.




Sarah who-loves-to-cry-before-a-movie

• 35-year-old woman, • Love comedies and dramas, • Like intelligent movies and beautiful characters, • Personal income of $ 30,000 / year • Single or in a relationship.




Karen, the mother of two children

• 30-year-old woman, • Love comedies, dramas, thrillers, chidren films and action. • Must choose her activities, because she lacks time. • Family income of $ 70,000 / year • Family of two children.


Domestic market

Revenues reached at the domestic level: – 34.75 billion dollars for the Canada Region / USA – Drama – 32.37 billion dollars for the Canada / US region – Comedy


(What is your theme film / TV favorite (by gender): 






Comedy (2nd position for woman, 1st position man) 

Drama (1st position for woman, 3rd man) 



For the Investors

Why invest? These are the reasons for it:

Being Amy

It’s a francophone film, a comedy drama, under romantic background. The central theme of this film is the

immense will it takes for self-acceptance, while freeing itself from its unhealthy cycle.



What we are looking for:

– Investment of $ 5,000 and more, per person.


What we offer

– A return on investment of 5%, after one (1) year.

• $ 5,250 after one year on a $ 5,000 investment.

OR – Dividends for returns in the investment OR – Producer’s returns

Budget and Returns

Now, let’s go into the numbers.




For this movie, we’ll need a total of $755 505, separated in several sections:

– Above the line: $116 317 – Below the line Prod: $236 762

– Below the line Post: $130 740 – Other costs: $271 686


Domestic Market, DVD, Streaming and Syndication

– For the Domestic theatre market (USA-CAN), we expect around $ 10 millions. Returns on investment are expected to be 17%.

– For the DVD and Streaming, we expect around $ 500k. Returns on investment are expected to be 64%. – For the Syndication, we expect around $ 1 million. Returns on investment are expected to be 91%.

For the International Market

For theatre market, we expect very conservative revenues of $ 20 millions.

Returns on investment are expected to be 16% (approx $ 3.2 millions for investors).


Invest in our project! It will only take a minute


Lucidius Studios

Lucidus (Adjective)

Shining, Bright, Clear, Full of light. The company Lucidius Studios is a film and television production company of Longueuil, a division of Portail 626 Inc. Its mission is to produce original works of fiction, documentary and educational, that are both easily accessible to the general public and at a remarkable quality. Our objective is to inspire the audience and to bring them to think about the world they surround them.